Quiz Competition

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The QUIZ Club, Department of Management studies has conducted Management Quiz competition on 25th September 2019. The Club introduced Industry / Sector wise Quiz competition among the MBA Students. The main motto of this event is to enable students to get knowledge about various industries and companies in the corporate world. And at the same time this competition helps to evaluate students based on their domain knowledge. 

Quiz competitions are always interesting and informative, which provide excitement among the students and also make them aware of current affairs. Department of management studies  successfully conducted an Inter House Quiz competition in the department class room  on 25th September 2019 for the IV th  semesters  students which four different group with five fervent participants in each group. Rules and regulations of the quiz were explained at the beginning. It was interesting with live concepts and co-operative related quiz competition, including objective questions with options round, buzzer round and audio-visual round, which engaged the students for one hour. The students showcased their brilliance by rapidly answering the questions. Though some of the questions were very tricky, the teams tried to answer them with confidence. The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing, exciting and made the audience go ‘Aah!’ and clap when the teams answered correctly. Although the teams participated actively, the team that scored the most was ”The Leaders”, It was very informative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants along with the audience. Department of Management studies encourages such positive competitions and hopes to bring out the best in all its students through such competitive events, while ensuring that the students  learn through all possible ways- not just through books and classroom teaching.