NSS Team in the college is very active and conducts various programs frequently.

NSS Committee 

Sl. No. Name Role Designation
1 Subash Patil NSS Officer Assistant Professor (CV)
2 Hanumanthrao Diwate Sports Adviser Associate Professor (ME)
3 Danappa Pasodi Member Physical Director
4 Dr. Vishwanath P. Member Associate Professor (EC)
5 Jyothi N. Member Assistant Professor (CS)
6 Santosh Kumar Member Assistant Professor (MBA)


Events conducted since August 2019

       • Tree Plantation Programme
       • Fit India Oath
       • Blood Donation Camp
       • Rain Water Harvesting
       • Celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi
       • ATM Awareness Programme
       • Election Awareness Programme
       • Environmental Awareness
       • Helmet Awareness Programme
       • Role of Technology in Agriculture
       • Covid-19 Awareness Program
       • Gandhi Jayanti 2021

NSS Meetings and Reports