Career Guidance

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The Department of Management Studies conducts events very regularly for the students in order to improve their soft skills, communication skills and other skills which help them in building their career. Like the regular plan, this time the department planned to organise a one day interactive session on “Career Guidance” for the students with Dr. Srikant, Placement Officer, RNSIT Bangalore and Dr. Kartik, Specialist Officer, Exam Section, VTU Regional Office, Bangalore.

After seeking the permission from the higher officials and concerned guests and authorities, the department fixed the day for conducting the workshop as 14th November 2019. On this day the event began with welcoming of guests to the venue i.e. the seminar hall in the campus of H. K. E. Society’s S. L. N. College of Engineering. The guests Dr.Srikant and Dr. Kartik along with the Head of the Department Prof. Amaresh Patil and Vice-Principal of the college, Dr. V. M. Viswanatha were escorted on the dais for the program to begin.

After the invocation song, lamp lighting was done by the dignitaries on the dais. Followed by this, a few words of wisdom were spoken by the Vice Principal Dr. V. M. Viswanatha. The whole purpose and the schedule of the workshop were explained to the students by Prof. Amaresh Patil. Prof. Bhagyalakshmi introduced the guests and handed over the dais to them for the session to begin.

During the first session, Dr. Kartik spoke about placement strategies of various industries and firms. He gave an insight about what exactly a firm look for in a candidate and requirements depend on what all factors. He guided the students about developing the skills, talent and ability that is required for better placement or placement in a better firm. He gave a brief strategic plan of how the industries think during recruitment of a candidate.

He also organised various activities for student awareness. He conducted activities like Mock Interview, Group Discussion, Aptitude tests and related activities and team building games.

During the afternoon session, Dr. Srikant guided the students on resume building. He spoke on how the students are expected to behave and represent themselves during interviews. He also suggested some tips for facing interviews and tests. He guided the students about CV- preparation and also conducted a session on how to build it efficiently. He conducted an on- the-spot CV preparation activity in order to make the students familiar with the dos and don’ts of representing themselves in their CVs.

After the afternoon session was over, a small valedictory session was organised where the students and staff had an interaction with the speakers for the day. The students gave their feedback about the workshop and expressed their joy of increased confidence. The staff members thanked the guests and speakers for boosting the students self confidence that plays a major role in the students career development.

As a Career Planning program, this was a big success for the Department of Management Studies.