Extensive Survey 2019-20

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A Brief report on Extensive Survey work for 6th sem students

The VTU has prescribed a mini project work on Extensive survey.

The work has to be carried out during the vacation period between 5th and 6th Semester. The project survey has to execute by the 5th sem students before commencement of 6th Semester.

The project consists of five components which are as follows

  1. New tank Project NTP
  2. Old Tank Project OTP
  3. Water supply & sanitation
  4. Highway Alignment &
  5. Layout Marking

The extensive survey work is carried at Bijengera Village in Raichur Taluk and District Raichur from 23-01-2020 to 04-02-2020

          Among the need of the man water is the most important thing in life, water is used for domestic and irrigation purpose. The concept of rural irrigation can be achieved by constructing new tank with the homogenous material available at site for impounding tank for storage of water. Sluices’ is provided along the body of the bund to discharge the water in the downstream side for light irrigation.

          In case of an old tank project it is the duty of the gram panchayat in association with Z. P. & M. I. to carry out regular maintain of the tanks in the villages like restoration of embankment, aprons at waste weir site, to reline the revetment in the upstream side during summer, de silting of tank and also maintain the top width and height of bund to increase the storage of water in the existing tank to fill.    

          A rural hygiene can be achieved by providing safe drinking water and domestic purpose by construction of ground level storage reservoir with source of water pumped by a set of good yield bore wells this can be achieved also by providing mini water supply scheme in the various locality of the village. The gram panchayat has taken initiation in providing street dustbins community washing platforms and by lane pavement in the village. A twin pit latrine system can also been seen at the project village.    

          A reconnaissance survey is carried out in the project village by the guides and students for carrying out alignments of road. The socio economic development can be achieved by providing good connectivity of road to taluk and district head quarters for transporting men and agricultural produce from the production to APMC ward. The existing village road is converted into WBM road and bituminous road and by lane pavement under PMGSY.     

          The students carry out survey of an open land for making a residential layout in 2 Acre of open land by closed traverse with plot size as 9mx12m and 12mx18m with 9m road. In the layout a provision is made for park and public amenities such as dispensary post office etc.