Freshers Party

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As the students enter their professional courses, there lie an enthusiasm in them. This enthusiasm is all related to getting to know each other, conversing with classmates and getting close to friends. Fresher’s Party is one such event which brings the students of all semesters together in order to connect them with each other.

At the department of Management Studies, the students of third semester planned and organised the “Fresher’s Party” on 15th October 2019, Tuesday. The event was planned with the permission of higher authorities and was organised at a banquet hall. The theme of the party was decided as “Dress your Best”.

On the day of the event, all the students reached the venue as per the instructions given to them, after the college hours, in the evening. All the second year students welcomed their juniors with warm greetings. The event was anchored by Miss. Adiba Sultana and Mr. Syed Ahmed Lateef. They firstly welcomed all the students and staff to the program. Then the head of the department Prof. Amaresh Patil was called to address the students. After which Lamp lighting ceremony was conducted. The staff members welcomed all the first year students to the department and gave a brief introduction about the department.

The second year students organised a few games and talks for the first year students. The games included singing, ramp walk, speak for a minute etc. the students also displayed a movie clip prepared by them, on student life at H. K. E. Society’s S. L. N. College of Engineering. A video tour of the college was also displayed.

The program was made entertaining and gave a relaxed feeling to all the first year students. This event was an attempt to bridge the gap between the students of different levels.

A grand dinner was arranged for all after the program. All the staff members and students also had a photo-session at the end of the program.