Placement Activities

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The Department of Management Studies plans for the progress of students and conducts events frequently in order to improve soft skills, communication skills and other skills of the students which help them in building their career. Like the regular plan, this time the department  planned  to  organise  a  one  day  interactive  session  on  “Placements”  for  the students with Mr. Veeresh, Manager, AXIS Bank, Raichur.

After interacting with Mr. Veeresh at a regular casual meet at the bank, the HOD of Management Studies decided to invite him for a talk on placements and current trends in banking sector. The department fixed the day for conducting the lecture as 11th  January 2020. On this day the event began with the guest Mr. Veeresh, Head of the Department Prof. Amaresh Patil and the coordinator of the event Prof. Bhagyalakshmi. They were first welcomed on the dais and the guest was introduced to the student The guest speaker Mr. Veeresh firstly thanked the  department  staff  for  the  opportunity of  interacting  with  the students of H. K. E. Society’s S. L. N. College of Engineering. He then started to speak about current trends in banking.

Mr. Veeresh firstly spoke on banking sector and its working ambience. He also gave some tips on how to manage certain unexpected situations in banks, with customers as well as with staff members. He then addressed the students about the issues in banking and how to resolve them, as a fresher or trainee. He also advised the students about various banking exams and how to prepare for such exams. Mr. Veeresh has vast knowledge on banking, and hence advised the students on online banking, its usage and promotion. He advised the students on creating awareness in their surroundings about online banking. He also spoke on current trends in banking.

Lastly, Mr. Veeresh also taught the students of our college about personality development and communication skills, as far as banking is concerned. He concluded by encouraging the students of management to reach higher goals. After the talk was over, an interactive session was organised. In this session the students clarified all their doubts and seek advice for better planning and preparation for banking exams.

The session ended with a note of gratitude from the coordinator and the head of the department, along with the other staff members of the department of Management Studies.