Teachers Day

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Every year 5th September is marked as a special day for all the teachers as well as students. On this day a legend was born, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was also a teacher. He understood the difficulties faced by a teacher and the role that teachers play in framing the future  and  character  of  a  person.  Hence  as  we  all  know  his  birthday  is celebrated  as Teacher’s day.

On this day teachers wait to bless their students and the students of H. K. E. Society’s S. L. N. College of Engineering wait to express their gratitude towards their teachers. Like every year, this year also different departments celebrated this day with great enthusiasm. The Department of Management Studies also celebrated it with great zeal.

On this day, i.e. 5th September 2019, Thursday, the students took permission for the celebrations from the head of the department and planned for a small event in the afternoon session. The students invited all the teachers to their classroom where all the students had assembled   for   the   celebrations   to   begin.   The   teachers-Prof.   Amartesh   Patil,   Prof, Bhagyalaxmi G, Prof. Sohan Choudhry, Prof. Sharanagouda Malipatil and Prof. Santosh Kumar were present on the day. The students welcomed them with applaud.

The event began with an invocation song and a short speech by the students. One student spoke about one teacher. After this all the students spoke a line about all the teachers who had taught them. The students expressed their gratitude towards their teachers through a bouquet and song.

As a final part of the celebration, a cake was cut by all the staff members after which some light entertaining games were arranged for the staff members by the students. The staff members enjoyed spending joyous moments with the students. After the event ended, the staff members thanked the students for making their day memorable one.